Saturday, September 28, 2013


At 17 weeks old, I was told that Cade had bilateral vocal cord paralysis.  This news left me devastated.  I was told he may need a tracheotomy for life.  The ENT told me he may have a hard time even playing on a playground.  This is the post I wrote at that time.  It still brings me to tears to read back on how I felt at that time.  For those who have followed the blog, you probably know that we later found out it was only unilateral vocal cord paralysis.

Fast forward 3 years, and here Cade is today.

Today was his first t-ball game, and this Mommy couldn't be any prouder.  Am I proud because he did great?  No, he did terrible.  And I couldn't be happier.  He did just as terrible as all the other 3 year olds.  He played in the dirt.  He threw a fit (or several) when he wasn't the first one to get to the ball.  He hit the tee and then hit the ball.  He ran around the bases.  And, he looked awfully cute!

Now begins picture overload because I think he is just too darn cute.

Repeating their pledge of good sportsmanship before the game.  He was very serious about it.

Looking cute waiting for his turn to bat.  Don't be fooled; he sat here for one second while I took the picture.  Then he was running all around and not waiting nicely.


Hitting the ball.  Love that face!

More cuteness from practice:

Daddy is one of the coaches.  He is trying to show Cade how to swing the bat here and catch the ball below.

I feel like my dreams have come true on that little t-ball field today.  I dreamed that my son would be able to run and play and breathe.  And he did.  Blessed.

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