Tuesday, September 10, 2013

County Fair Fun

For Labor Day weekend, we headed back to our hometown for the County Fair.  It's been around forever, and it's pretty much what you imagine a county fair in a rural area to be.  There is the carnival, of course.  I remember passing by the fairgrounds as a kid a few days before the fair and getting so excited seeing the ferris wheel and other rides going up.  If you have an awesome pickle, tomato, or jam, you can enter it in the fair contests.  You can also be a BBQ champ, talent show winner, and even a polka dance winner!    I mean it is country!  When you get tired of riding rides, you can go climb on the tractors or go see the livestock.  Add in some great country music, and you have yourself a grand ol' time.

Last year, Camdyn was too short to ride anything - even the kiddie rides.  This year I checked the height requirements.  It is 36 inches.  I knew Camdyn was only about 34 1/2 inches, so I bought her some tennis shoes with a thick sole and made her a really high ponytail with a big bow!  You have to do what you have to do!  We also kicked a little of the dirt up underneath the measuring stick for her to stand on.  It worked; with all our height-boosting efforts, she reached the 36 inch mark.

They loved riding the rides and thought it was so much fun to wave at us each time they circled around.  It was absolutely precious to watch them enjoying themselves so much.

One of my favorite things about the fair is fair food - i.e. cotton candy and funnel cakes!  The kids loved the cotton candy too.  

We all had fun riding the Fun Slide as a family.

Brenna rode rides with her big cousin, Brylee.  I only got a few shots of them riding because they were running from ride to ride faster than I could keep up.

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