Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Trip to the Zoo

We had a great weekend.  We went to Waco for the weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum.  It was interesting, but the best part was the old-fashioned soda shop they had where we got soda fountain Dr. Pepper floats.  Yummy!  We then checked into our hotel and all went swimming.  Then Jim grilled hot dogs for us in their patio area.  Then we all laid around watching movies.  The next day we went to the Cameron Park Zoo.  It was an awesome zoo.  Brenna loved it, but I don't think the babies really cared one way or the other. 

Brenna wanted to pose by these and she thought it would be funny for the babies to do the same.  They weren't overly excited about the idea, but they went along with it.

Butterfly Brenna

Cade is not going to like me for this later.

Mommy's Little Ladybugs

They had this cool slide that went through the aquarium.

Mommy and the crew next to the giraffes.

Brenna's favorite animals were the giraffes.

Daddy and the crew next to this pretty waterfall.

Funny story - Even though Brenna loved the zoo, it also must have scared her a bit too.  On Sunday night, she woke up to come tell me she had a bad dream that the alligator was eating her Jo-Jo (her lovey)!  She really liked the giraffes, but the alligators were a different story.

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Sarah Pope said...

Cade looks SOOO big in these pictures! (Camdyn does too of course...but Cade looks like a little boy!) I can't believe I missed this post. Looks like you guys had a great time!