Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look at them now!

If someone could have told me last year at this time that in a year I would be enjoying taking my babies to splash parks and swimming pools, I'm not sure I would have believed them.  If I could have peeked into the future, maybe I could have worried a whole lot less, but of course, there was no way for any of the doctors to know what the outcome would be.  Instead, we had to do that horrible thing called "wait and see" which amounts to saying, we can "wait and see" what terrible things will happen or we can "wait and see" if those terrible things don't happen. 

My mom took me and all the grandkids (my 3 kids and my niece and nephew) to Hyatt Lost Pines.  We had a blast!  We floated the lazy river, let the babies splash in the splash pad, slid down the water slide, played in the beach area, and just had a great, relaxing time.  As the babies were floating down the lazy river in their baby floaties smiling, kicking, and splashing, my mom said she wished all the NICU nurses could have seen them now.  To think that only one year ago at this time, they were both laying in isolettes with CPAP/nasal cannulas and eating through a tube and now they are happy, healthy babies just enjoying life is awe-inspiring.  I hope other parents who are in the NICU now see this and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel even though I know it doesn't seem like it.  We have definitely had our struggles along the way and we still have challenges ahead, but overall, this is such a wonderful place to be, and I count my blessings constantly!

One year ago:


Camdyn napping by the pool.  Both of the babies were exhausted from all their swimming.  Now that we are back home, I had to seize my opportunity to update the blog while they are napping now.

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