Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to a great daddy! 

 I love that my husband is such a great daddy.  Raising former micro-preemie twins and a 4 year old is not an easy task.  I am so thankful that he helps out so much.  It is definitely a two person job.  I love watching him play with the kids and watching the kids smile and laugh with Daddy.  It is so sweet!  Before the twins, he always told me he was content with just having Brenna.  I talked him into having ONE more, and we got one more than he had agreed to having!  I know that now he couldn't imagine it any other way.  He loves having two babies begging at his feet to be picked up when he's already holding Brenna on the couch and having two babies crawling to meet him when he gets home from work.  Thanks Jim for being such a wonderful husband and daddy! 

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