Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Tiny Girl

I thought this was too funny!  Brenna wanted Camdyn to be her baby doll and play with her in her nursery care station.  She was trying to lift Camdyn up there herself, so I decided I should help before Camdyn got hurt.  Surprisingly, Camdyn was a willing participant.  First, Brenna pretended to change her diaper on the changing table.  Next, she wanted to "give her a bath" in the baby tub.  Notice that the Cabbage Patch kid (my old one) fits in the tub and so does Camdyn!

At her last weight check, Camdyn finally got up to 16 pounds!  It seemed we would never get there.  Another good note, Camdyn is finally getting a tooth!  She is almost 15 months old now (11 months adjusted), and she just now is getting a tooth.  I was so worried she may never get a tooth.  I thought maybe we missed the tooth-forming stage being born 4 months early, but my worries are allayed now that I see a beautiful little sliver of a tooth poking through !!!!

Side note:  When I told Jim how worried I was about no teeth, he told me that if she doesn't get any teeth, we'll just get her some baby dentures - no problem.  For him, if it is not life-or-death now, it is not worth worrying about.  We are so opposite.  I spend all my time worrying about everything, and he just suggests baby dentures!


Bridget Brandt said...

That is why y'all are a perfect match. I love her in that tub...can't wait to spend my afternoon with your clan!

Stacey B. said...

I see Bridget kinda beat me to it, but I was going to say:

Does the good Lord pair us up perfectly, or what?! =)

Kelee Payton said...

I love it, Jimmy. Baby dentures. Nice.