Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny Mail

This is the mail I have been getting lately.  I just think it's funny how companies think they know so much about you.  I don't know what I signed up for when I was pregnant, but somehow these companies know that my due date was July 30, so they assume that I must have babies that are approaching a year old.  Therefore, I must need first birthday party supplies and first birthday portraits. 

Dear Marketing Companies - You are about 3 months late in sending me this "first-birthday" mail.  You must have not gotten the memo that although my due date was July 30, my babies arrived on April 5.  You have some really cute stuff in your magazine that I would very likely have bought 3 months ago!

Too funny!

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Sarah Pope said...

I've been getting the SAME things in the mail!!! I wondered why I was just now getting them, but obviously, the companies had gotten my original due date! This IS funny! Oh well...I gave the magazines to a few friends who have kids that are about to turn one. :)