Friday, September 30, 2011

Baptism - Part 2

Camdyn and Cade's baptisms went great last weekend.  It was a wonderful celebration, and the church was full of our friends and family.  The pastor nicknamed the twins the "well-prayed for babies," which was an accurate statement.  The congregation had prayed and prayed for our babies and followed their progress along the way. 

Camdyn and Cade were very-well behaved during church, and they did not cry at all when they were baptized.  They began to get a little fidgety towards the end of church, but a few Puffs solved that.  After church, we had a reception in the fellowship hall.   Camdyn and Cade enjoyed socializing with everyone, and they especially enjoyed eating cake.  

The twins were actually baptized with water from the Jordan River.  Our pastor brought water back with her from her trip to the holy land.  Isn't that so cool?

Their baptism outfits were made from the material of my wedding dress.  Camdyn wore the dress I had made from my dress when Brenna was baptized.  Cade's vest and bow tie were made from my wedding dress.  Now, we will have a girl's and a boy's baptismal outfit that we can pass down in the family.  I tried to go get professional pictures of the twins in their adorable outfits today, but they weren't really in the mood.  I got cute pictures of each of them separately but not together.  I am going to schedule another appointment because I really want a picture of them together.  It's extremely hard to get a cute picture of them together now that they are so mobile!

 "Mom, if you think I am going to wear this hat, you're crazy!"

me and my sister with the twins

Camdyn paying close attention to the pastor

Cade paying close attention and following along in the bulletin (did I mention he is really smart?)

Camdyn being baptized

Cade being baptized

Could he be any more handsome than this?

Brenna got a new stuffed animal from Aunt BB.  As you can tell, she loved it!


Jessi said...

They look so beautiful for their baptisms!

marcie said...

Congratulations to Camdyn and Cade! What a special day for all of you. And they look wonderful in their outfits. I LOVE that the water came from the Jordan River.

We had Veronica baptized on her 2nd day of life which is something I don't regret. But I do get sad sometimes that she will never wear the gown that her siblings wore and that we will never have a celebration of her baptism. I guess we can find other ways to celebrate though....

Congrats again!