Friday, September 30, 2011

Musical Babies

I decided to start a Music & Movement class at my dance studio.  I had checked on music classes for them, but everything was so expensive to have 3 kids take the class.  They also wanted one parent per child (not easy for a mom of multiples), and they told me Brenna could sit on the side.  I'm sure that would have worked out just great! 

After hearing all of that, I decided I should start my own class.  I have a large studio with plenty of props - instruments, mats, wedges, balance beam, hoops, balls, parachute, etc.  I have really enjoyed creating the curriculum and activities for the class.  We sing songs, play instruments, free play on the mats, dance with hoops or balls, blow bubbles, and play with the parachute.  I am able to incorporate some of the activities from our long list of things we are supposed to do with them from therapy.  Each month we are going to have a theme, and all the songs, books, activities, and play will be based on the theme.  Last month, our theme was animals, and this month our theme is going to be transportation.  I can't wait to get a new set of songs and activities together for our new theme.  The babies have fun in class, and our class is growing.  We now have 10 kids in the class.  And, the best part is that I am in control of keeping things clean and sanitary.  I don't have to worry about the toys being sanitized because I do it. 

Below Cade is trying to play his cousin's trombone. 

Brenna taking a turn on the trombone.

Cade trying to eat the trombone.

My girls "playing" the piano before church.  (okay, maybe not playing - more like banging!)

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