Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brenna's 1st Day of Pre-K

Last year, Brenna wasn't able to go to school.  We all made sacrifices for the babies - Brenna included.  We couldn't risk having her catch the flu or RSV and bring it home to the babies.  She started back to school this past Tuesday and will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This will work perfectly since the babies have therapy on those days.  I'll drop Brenna off at school and then take the babies to therapy.  It's nice to be getting into a routine again.  Although gettting the twins and their double stroller out multiple times in one day, is not an easy task!  It goes like this -load up to leave the house, get the double stroller and twins out to drop Brenna off, load back up for therapy, get everything out to go to therapy, load back up, get the babies out at home to take a quick nap, load back up to get Brenna, get everything out to pick Brenna up, load everyone back up to go home, unload at home - finally!)  You get the idea.

Brenna was so excited to go to school.  She walked around all morning wearing her Tinkerbell back pack, and asking if we could leave yet.  So cute!

Brenna at the front door ready to go.

Brenna in her classroom.  She was all smiles (at first).

Then came the tears, but after her teacher talked to her, she decided she was going to have fun.

Then the smile returned.

She began coloring, and I made my way out of the classroom holding back my own tears realizing that my little girl was growing up.

I'm so happy that Brenna is back in school and now gets to be a normal little girl instead of the little girl that asked me over breakfast a while back, "Which doctor are we going to today, Mommy?"  Luckily, our doctor appointments are much less frequent (even if our therapy appointments are very frequent), and my pre-schooler is in school!  It's going to be a much better year.

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Sarah Pope said...

She is just toooooo beautiful. Seriously. She's gorgeous. You're going to be in trouble later on! So happy that she was able to start preschool this year. I hope she had a great year!