Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spa Trip

This past weekend I fianlly got around to using the gift card I won in the "Mother of the Year" contest (http://cedarparkcitizen.com/2011/04/29/mom-of-the-year-michelle-hensel/). You would think I would have run right out to use it, but somehow there was never time. I wanted to include my mom, sister, and mother-in-law, Kathy, in the spa trip because even though I was given the title of mother of the year from the newspaper, I know I couldn't have made it through that first year without them (and my husband, of course).  He's not a spa person, so he and my father-in-law stayed home to babysit while the girls went to the spa!

We had so much support from our family and friends through the babies' stay in the NICU and beyond, but I couldn't take everyone to the spa.  I wish I could repay all of the people who helped us out so much because saying thank you is inadequate for the support we received.  Anyway, these women were instrumental in saving my sanity throughout that insane first year.  My mom watched Brenna so I could go to the NICU, cleaned my house, brought me food, sat by my side in the NICU several times, and so much more.  No one would want to read the tremendously long post I could write about how much she helps us.  My sister made sure that I was okay - when everyone else asked about the babies, she asked about me (not to say, she didn't fall madly in love with our precious twins from the first time she saw them).  And, I always say I won the "in-law jackpot".  My in-laws came up EVERY weekend for 8 months from an hour and a half away to help us out and still help us tremendously!  Jim's dad is not a spa person either so he wasn't too upset that it was a girls' trip.

Now on to the spa day.  Lake Austin Spa is ranked #5 top spa in the world from Travel & Leisure magazine, and it is on several other top ten lists.  Needless to say, it was awesome.  It is nestled into lush gardens on lakefront property.  Just being there is relaxing.  We hung out at the pool for a while.  While Mom and Kathy got their river stone pedicures, my sister and I took a dip in the hot tub followed by the steam room.  (She's a wimp though and can't handle the steam room long! ha sis)  We then showered and headed off to get our river stone pedicures.  Mom and Kathy then went up to relax in rocking chairs on the balcony overlooking the beautiful grounds.  We all enjoyed our spa trip very much and decided one of us needs to win the lottery so we can go  back.  Even though we thoroughly enjoyed it, we didn't want anyone to have any more traumatic experiences that would enter us into any contests to win a spa gift certificate in the future. 

my sister, Mom, and Kathy

me and Bridget by the pool

Kathy and Mom relaxing by the pool

Bridget and I relaxing by the pool

the view from the balcony

me on the balcony overlooking the grounds

Bridget, Mom, and me on the walkway near the lake


Sarah Pope said...

That looks wonderful! I hope it was as relaxing as it looks. :) Was it nice to see the babies after you got back? I always find that when I go away for a bit, that I'm so excited and refreshed and ready to go home.

Michelle said...

Yes, I was ready to see them again. After my relaxing day, it was back to changing poopie diapers, bathing, getting ready for bed, etc. - back to normal!

Jessi said...

I'm pretty sure the spa is my most favorite place ever! And this one looks AMAZING! So awesome you guys got to do that.

marcieament said...

Love, love, love it! So glad you got to do this. Clearly you deserved it!