Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double Trouble

Here's an example of why I can't get anything done, my house is never clean, and I can't get anywhere on time.  Scenarios like this happen at least a dozen times a day.  One toddler can make a big mess, but put two toddlers together and let the plotting begin!  I swear they plot out how they can make the biggest mess together all the time.

Cade:  "Oh, Mom, are we not supposed to be doing this?" (Camdyn not even noticing I'm there)

Camdyn: "Oh, hi Mom - look what I have!"
Cade thinking 'Mom's busy taking pictures; I can unroll some more.'

Cade: "Here sister, want some more?" 
Camdyn: "Look Mom, it can make a hat!"

Camdyn: "Here Mom, do you want some?"

They are definitely double the trouble, but also double the fun!

I had to include this random picture at the end.  I took this picture from my back deck this afternoon.  Isn't that an amazing sunset?

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Jessi said...

I am so glad you are on of those moms who grabs the camera and documents!! And amazing pic at the end there!