Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Developmental Tests

Camdyn and Cade had their yearly review for Early Intervention.  They did a long test which measured their gross motor, fine motor, social, expressive communication, receptive communication, and cognitive skills.  They both did so well that they will no longer qualify to receive services through ECI.  They scored anywhere from 12-19 months in all areas.  Most of the areas were 13-15 months which means they are functioning at their adjusted age (right where they should be) and slightly higher. 

Camdyn did score lower at 11 months in receptive communication (what she understands); however, in expressive communication (what she can communicate), she scored above her adjusted age at 15 months, so they think the lower score was probably not an accurate measure.  She would qualify in that one sub-area of communication, but I decided not to do services with ECI because we are already getting an hour of private speech therapy for her weekly and they would only be able to provide an early interventionist rather than a speech therapist twice a month.  I'm sure her receptive score is actually higher; she's just hard-headed like the rest of the women in her family.  She knows/understands what we are telling her; she just chooses not to do what we want her to do!

Even though they no longer qualify with ECI, we will continue our private therapies as we have been doing.  It's obviously working, and they still have a lot to accomplish.  They both are currently getting one hour each of speech, occupational, and physical therapy each week.  Cade will continue with this plan for as long as he still has Medicaid.  Camdyn; however, will have to decrease her visits once January rolls around and our insurance starts over.  She is allowed 20 visits of each type of therapy per calendar year.

They also scored well on their NICU follow-up clinic tests showing average to superior scores.  Average means they are functioning at their adjusted age of 13 months, and superior would mean they are functioning at their chronological age of 17 months.  On both tests, they both scored the highest on cognition with scores equivalent to 15-18 months!  That is absolutely incredible!  After worrying about brain bleeds and the developmental effects of the steroid dexamethasone they were given to wean off the ventilators,  I feel incredibly blessed that they are able to use those smart little brains of theirs to make huge messes all over my house!


Jessi said...

Wow! That's great!

Andrea Farrell said...

Yay! That is such great news! You have two smartie pants, for sure. And I just love the toilet paper fun pictures in the previous post! So adorable!

Sarah Pope said...

Great news! Way to go Cade and Camdyn! I know you are relieved!

marcieament said...

Wonderful! This is amazing news!

Riana Brink said...

Wow! I am so happy that you are so blessed. My baby boy is now 3 months old (corrected) and this post sure gives me hope. I am a South African and follow your blog since February (when Christiaan was born at 24weeks.)

Michelle said...


Welcome to the blog and the 24 weekers club! I can't believe I have a follower from South Africa - very cool! How did you find my blog? Do you have one? I hope you and your son are doing well.