Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In other fun news . . .

Cade and Camdyn thought it was tons of fun to try on Daddy's boots. 

Brenna looking cute before pre-school.

Isn't it funny how a mixing bowl and a plastic strainer can be so much more fun than a whole room full of toys?  They were playing peek-a-boo with these bowls.  It was so cute!

Today, I finally saw the twins actually playing together.  This is a first.  They definitely interact with each other, but it usually consists of fighting.  Cade typically steals Camdyn's toy or bottle and she squeals.  Then I tell her to go get it back; fight your brother for it.  It's probably not the best mommy advice, but I want to teach her to stand up for herself.  I don't want her to get picked on since she is so tiny.  So we practice standing up for herself against her bully twin brother a lot, but in this video they are actually playing together even though Camdyn is more interested in her bottle than playing ball.  I love it!

The biggest news of all - Camdyn has enough hair to make the tiniest, cutest, most adorable little pigtails now.   This is big news considering how long it has taken her to grow some hair.  At one year old, she was still nearly bald.  At 18 months, she had a little hair.  Now at 22 months, we can make two tiny pigtails! 

12 months old

18 months old

22 months old - Take One

Take Two

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