Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Winter Here

We have been enjoying our unseasonably warm winter here in Texas.  Today the temperature was in the 70s, so we met some friends at a nearby park.  The kids had fun blowing bubbles and playing on the playground.  It is so much fun to take the twins to the park now because they are really into it.  They love climbing and sliding on the playground instead of just sitting in the mulch and playing with it/eating it like they did last summer.  Brenna can even play with her brother and sister on the playground now.  She loves sliding with Camdyn.  It's very sweet.  After months and months of physical therapy, I find great joy in watching the twins manuever their way up the steps, over the bridge, and down the slides.  I am one proud mama!

Camdyn trying to blow bubbles.

Camdyn and Cade working on trying to get their bubble wands in the bubble jar.

Cade blowing, but he didn't produce any bubbles.  He sure looks cute trying though!

Brenna swinging.

Brenna taking Camdyn for a ride down the twisty slide.

I'm sure I am the only one who finds these videos entertaining, but Camdyn and Cade have worked so hard in physical therapy to get to this point that I just had to include these videos. 



Marcie said...

Great photos! It really makes me anxious for spring to arrive. I watched the videos - it helps me to know that Veronica will get to that point some day. And I love how proud you are. It's wonderful!

The Kimmels said...

If you could send us some of your warmth that would be great!! The girls look so cute on the slide :)