Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waco Children's Museum

I am really behind on my blogging, so I am going to have to play a little catch up.  Last weekend, we went to Waco.  We were planning on going to the zoo there.  Well, the weather in Texas is highly unpredictable - a few days prior temperatures were in the 70s, then over the weekend it got really cold and even snowed here on Sunday (unheard of in our parts), and today it was 79 degrees again.  We decided to go to a museum at the last minute.  We didn't expect it to be very good, but we were pleasantly surprised.  It was awesome!  We will have to make a trip back to Waco in the spring to visit the zoo and the museum again.  These were all taken with my phone so the quality isn't so great.

Daddy and the kids checking out the train.

Camdyn driving the fire truck.  She was too busy to look at me.

Cade driving the school bus.  He was very excited about this.

They had the cutest little town set up with lots of little cars.  Brenna is pulling Camdyn over in the police car for speeding.  Ha!  Her tiny legs barely touched the ground.

Cade checking out the guinea pig.  He loved the animals.

my pioneer babies.  They did not want to sit still for a posed picture so I had to snap it and say good enough.

Brenna as a pioneer woman.

The kids playing in the tea room.

The kids experimenting with grinding corn.

There were tons of other cool rooms including music rooms, cultural rooms, and bubble play rooms, but I was too busy chasing them, even with Daddy's help, to take more pictures.  I just kept thinking that a day at the museum was worth weeks of therapy with all of the fine motor skill manipulatives and sensory play areas.  I wish it was closer; we would be there all the time.

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