Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Weeks Old

my new favorite picture of my precious twins - Cade is so much bigger than Camdyn.

Look how much Camdyn has grown. Compare the picture above with the pictures below. She is still only 3 lbs 6 oz., but the 2 lbs. 4 oz. she has gained makes a world of difference.

Camdyn's tiny arm at about 1 week old.

Camdyn wearing our wedding rings all the way up her arm at about 2 weeks old.

Mommy and bright-eyed Camdyn

sleepy Cade

Cade awake wearing his cute bear hat

Mommy with her two little bundles of joy

The babies are now 10 weeks old! They have both gained weight. Camdyn now weighs 3 lb. 6 oz., and Cade now weighs 4 lbs. 10 oz. They are starting to look so much bigger now. Earlier in the week they were weaned from 4 liters of pressure on their nasal cannulas to 3.5 and then 3 liters. Today, Cade was even lowered to 2.5 liters, and I think Camdyn will do the same soon. When they get to 2 liters, they can start learning to take a bottle. We are so excited!
Camdyn's head scan is tomorrow morning. We should get results by tomorrow night. We are praying that there is less white matter. We've been told that both babies will get MRIs just before they are ready to go home, and that will tell us the most. They do both get eye exams later this week, too. So, we ask everyone to continue praying for them as they go through these tests.
God, we are so thankful for their growth and how well they are doing on their nasal cannulas. We are thankful that they have been able to wean the liters on the cannulas so well. We are also thankful that they have been tolerating their increased feeds. We pray for good results from Camdyn's head scan and for their eye exams. In your name we pray, Amen.


Sarah weishuhn said...

Michelle, I am absolutely amazed at how much those sweet babies have grown! Am I crazy to think that cade looks like his daddy in that first pic you posted????!! I can't wait until the day that we are passing those angels around at a family get-together! They are so loved, as are y'all!
Sarah, Ryan and Parker

Magoo said...

Are you sometimes amazed that you have TWO?! Love the pictures!!! =)

Heather said...

They are absolutely adorable and it is amazing how much they have grown!!

Lindsay said...

They are doing so well, growing like weeds. Have they, doctors given you any indication (goals set for the babies) as to when they will be leaving NICU or going home?

I remember we (doctors) always goals for our girls to achieve, sometimes they hit the goals hard and sometimes just barely (if at all).

Michelle said...

Cade definitely looks just like Jimmy. His nurse today said she might start calling him "little Jim". It's so weird to look at him. It's like looking at a 4 lb. version of Jimmy.

When I am holding both of them, I think, "Wow, I have TWO babies," but it just feels so right. What I haven't yet realized is that I have THREE kiddos.

The doctors only tell us to expect to stay at least until their due date (July 25), but with them being born so early, we should be prepared to possibly stay longer. I am so tired of the NICU already (10 weeks), and we have a long way to go.

agcat01 said...

Absolutely amazing how much they've grown. They are so beautiful. And now Jimmy has his own mini-me!

Christine DePasqual said...

They are beautiful. It is amazing to see their progress. And I have to commend you on your strength. That has probably helped them more than you will ever know. I think about your family all the time and can't wait until you can all be home together again. And then you will get to experience a whole new exhaustion. But man is it worth it. Your babies are blessed to have such amazing parents.

Stay strong,

Christine (Divin) DePasqual