Friday, June 4, 2010

steps forward and back


Both Camdyn and Cade have gained weight. Camdyn now weighs 2 lbs. 14 oz. She is almost to 3 lbs! Cade weighs 3 lbs. 12 oz, so he is getting close to the 4 lb. mark! Cade looks huge to us now. We look at him, and think he looks just about like a full-term baby (which I'm sure he doesn't). After seeing them both so tiny for so long though, he really does look big. Cade now gets 31 mL (a little over 1 oz.) per feed and Camdyn gets 27 mL. They have went up quite a bit on her feeds, so she has started gaining weight a little more quickly.

Camdyn has had a step back. They put her back on CPAP with a rate which means it is giving her breaths again. She was having a lot of apneas (forgetting to breathe) and desaturations. The doctors thought either she was fatigued from being on nasal cannula or she may be getting an infection. So far she has been doing very well back on the CPAP, so they don't think it is an infection. She just needs a break for a while. Her lungs are still really immature, so they need some time to rest and grow. Hopefully, with her weight gain, she'll be ready for nasal cannula again soon.

Cade is still on CPAP too but without a rate. This means he is getting pressure to keep his lungs open, but he is taking all of his breaths by himself. We are hoping that he will also be ready for nasal cannula soon.

God, we thank you for their weight gain. We love seeing how much they have grown every day. We pray that you heal their lungs and make them strong. We pray that you help their eyes and brains develop well. We ask you to watch over them and comfort them during their NICU stay. We thank you every day for our little miracles. Amen.

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