Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stupid security

The NICU has some security measures that just don't make sense. We have to wait at two different doors to finally get into the NICU. The first door is the really stupid one. We have to wait until they see us through a camera for it to open. Then we go down another hallway, scrub in, and wait for the receptionist to open the next door. What is really dumb is that if you are up to it, you can walk around the long way and not even have to wait at the first door. So why is it there? The only people who come to it are obviously NICU parents as it is in a back corner of the hospital, and we don't want to walk the long way around because then we have to pass by the giant baby nursery (aka regular nursery).

Today, I asked one of the hospital staff to hold the door open for me since she was a few steps in front of me. She acted like I really put her out and told me she wasn't supposed to do that. Seriously!? Do I look like I am here to steal some babies? I am obviously a NICU mom. Attention hospital people: The moms who have bags under their eyes, who try to avoid going the long way and passing the healthy baby nursery, who are carrying bags of breast milk, who look enviously upon the very pregnant moms - we are the NICU moms. And, we are not here to steal babies, but we might like to take our own home some day. We would just like to be able to get in to see our babies without going through a ridiculous security system. So, is it really necessary to act like I am asking a huge favor for you to hold the door open for me?

Good thing I have this blog because the more frustrated I get at this situation, the more likely I am to start telling people what I really think.