Monday, June 7, 2010

9 Weeks Old

Cade and Camdyn kangarooing with Mommy.
Look how much they have grown!

Cade resting on Mommy.

Camdyn resting on Mommy next to Cade.

Cade sleeping so peacefully.

Camdyn sleeping so sweetly.

another picture of Cade just because he was looking so sweet
Both of the babies are doing well. Cade has finally made it to nasal cannula and is doing well with it. He doesn't look like he is struggling to breathe with it this time. Camdyn was put back on cannula too. It was great to hold them today with both of them on cannula - no CPAP masks. I hope they continue to do well with the cannula and don't have to go back to CPAP. They are on high flow cannula of 4 liters. The next step down the road will be to lower the flow. Once they get to about 2 liters, then they will start to nuzzle (put to the breast, but they won't be able to actually nurse yet) and begin learning to take a bottle.
Camdyn is now 3 lbs and Cade is now 4 lbs! They look huge to us. They both get to wear clothes and be swaddled now like "real" babies. We are so excited. Cade is about to make the big move into an open crib instead of an isolette. Yay! I can't wait to see him in an open crib. Camdyn will have to gain another pound before she can make the move. Then, later they will get to sleep in the same bed. That is going to be so precious. They will still have more eye exams and brain scans in the next few weeks which, of course, make us nervous every time, but we have so much to look forward to as they are growing.
God, we thank you for their continued growth and improving lung function. We are so thankful they are now on cannulas, and we pray that they will be able to wean the flow in the next few weeks. We ask for you to continue to watch over them and their doctors. We pray for good eye exams and for good brain scans. We thank you for giving us our precious miracle babies. Amen.


Roxanne said...

This is katie:
Have their eyes opened yet?

Kathy Hensel said...

They are so precious. Makes me just want to hug and kiss them, and they can't run away like their big sister! It's great to see Cade's face better. I know they both feel much freer without the CPAPs. Camdyn will continue gaining and they will both be in open cribs soon. Such beautiful miracles!

Heather Muesse said...

Camdyn and Cade are such amazing miracles; God is good and his love endures! We're all SO glad they are continuing to thrive and cannot wait to meet them! Love you all!

Liza said...

They are now as big as mine were when I had them. I dressed Kaety in a doll outfit from Toys R Us! I am so glad you are able to hold them together, too!

Anonymous said...

Katie - Yes, their eyes have been open for a while. I think they opened when they were about 2 weeks old. They look around everywhere now. It is so cute.

Michelle said...

Liza- I went to buy preemie clothes, and I actually thought some of them looked much too big. The newborn clothes look giant!

Jessica said...

They are so adorable, and they look so healthy--getting a little baby fat!

Lauren said...

Praise God! They are the cutest miracles I have ever seen. I am so excited that they have grown so much. I can't wait to see them in person. They look so big in the pictures, but I know they must really be so tiny. I've been praying for strength for both them and you. They are definitely little fighters!

Jodi said...

Michelle... they are beautiful! I am so thrilled that they are doing well and that you were able to hold them :) God is Good!! Jodi