Sunday, June 20, 2010

NICU shuffle

Cade has really been progressing well. He got to take his first bottle yesterday (6/19). He drank the whole thing. The nurses were very surprised at how well he did. They said that preemies usually tire out and only take a little bit of their first few bottles. This morning (6/20) I was able to try breastfeeding him for the first time. What an amazing feeling! He actually latched on! I don't think he really got any milk though because his suck is not quite strong enough to let the milk down, but he was sucking great. It won't be long before he can actually breastfeed. I am so excited! Then, Jimmy got to give him a bottle, and he did great with that too. I don't think Cade is going to have any problems eating.

Camdyn has had a setback. She was moved back on to CPAP because she was having some severe apnea spells where she wasn't breathing. The CPAP can give her a set amount of breaths per minute to remind her to breathe. They put in an IV and started an antibiotic. They think she may have some type of infection, so they are starting the antibiotics to treat whatever it might be. The blood and urine cultures won't tell us for sure what it is for 48 hours. They have stopped her feeds until they can make a determination. Hopefully, they will figure it out soon and be able to give her what she needs to get better. It was so sad to see her on CPAP again with an IV. We thought we were past that, but they constantly remind us that we take a few steps forward and then a few back as we do what is nicknamed the "NICU shuffle." I'm all for dancing, but this is a dance I'd rather not do. We only want steps forward.
God, we thank you for all the progress Cade has made. We are thankful that he is feeding so well. I am thankful that I finally was able to put him to my breast as nature intended. It was a beautiful experience. We ask for continued progress for both Cade and Camdyn. We pray that Camdyn is able to overcome whatever infection she may have soon. We pray that she is able to start feeds again soon and gain more weight. We ask you to guide their doctors as they take care of them. In your name, Amen.

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