Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camdyn is 2 lbs!

Here's a cute picture of big sis. This is her dance recital costume. She finally cooperated for pictures. Last year she just laid on the floor.

It's a little strange that I am posting a picture of my chest here, but if you look close you can see Camdyn's hand print on me. This was after kangarooing; she must have been laying on her hand against me. I think this is so cute; she really has left her imprint on me figuratively and literally.

Cade holding mommy's hand. He has grown so much. His hands are starting to look "big" to me.

Aunt Bridget using containment touch with Camdyn. She loves this.

Camdyn sucking on her pacifier. The pacifier is huge next to her, but she does suck on it. It is so precious.

Well, Camdyn finally reached her 2 lb. mark. I am so proud of my tiny girl. They are now 1 1/2 months old, and she just reached 2 lbs. Cade is growing like a big boy. He now weighs a strapping 2 lbs. 10 oz. They are both still on CPAP and doing pretty well with it. Their oxygen needs usually fluctuate between 30s to 40s. Camdyn is sometimes in the 20s. Right now they are mostly just working on growing. Their feeds have been increased to 18 mL for Camdyn and 24 mL for Cade. They do have brady and apnea spells where they forget to breathe and their heart rate drops. They usually have to be stimulated to remember to breathe; sometimes they come right back up on their own. This is just part of being premature. As their lungs get more mature, they will grow out of it.
Thank you Lord for Camdyn reaching her 2 lb. mark and for Cade continuing to gain weight. Help their lungs heal and get stronger so they will need even less support from the CPAP machine. We thank you that they are tolerating their feeds well and ask that they continue to do so as their feeds are increased. Continue to give us strength as we cope with their long NICU stay. Amen.


Bridget Brandt said...

Awe...great no there is music. Like it wasn't hard enough to read these without crying.

Love you!

mindy said...

I'm with you Bridge.. the music, oh man!!! I love looking at these pics Michelle! It is so awesome they are both growing so much and have come so far. I can't wait to meet them! Thank-you God for watching over these precious babies!

Liza said...

Woohoooooo!!! Two pounds for both of them is a HUGE milestone.