Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holding Our Twins

Jimmy and I holding both babies at the same time for the first time (5/15). We had waited so long to be able to hold them both. It was amazing, and it made it very real that we actually have twins!
This is called kangaroo care. The babies lay against us skin to skin. It is supposed to be very good for the babies, and it is also very good for us. I can't think of anything more heavenly!

Here's my adorable "big girl" (as she likes to call herself) holding her twin baby dolls. Isn't she so cute? Her baby dolls are about the size of Camdyn and Cade. In fact, her baby dolls may be slightly bigger.

Jimmy taking Cade's temperature. We are now able to help with their care during their assessment times. We are able to take their temperatures and change their tiny diapers. You wouldn't think we would be so excited about changing diapers, but when you haven't been able to care for and parent your own children for such a long time, it's pretty exciting. Jimmy was even able to help with Cade's bath today. I am so jealous, but I did get to hold both of my babies for a long time today.

Daddy holding Camdyn for the first time. I just love this picture. Camdyn looks so comfortable on her Daddy. Notice how tiny she is compared to his hands. He is holding all of her in his hands; the rest is just the blanket.
By the way, the CPAP machine looks much worse than it actually is. It is actually just a tiny mask that goes over their nose and the tubing that provides the air. The other part just holds it in place so that they can't take it off. They both do try really hard to get it off though. They don't realize they're little and need it.

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Lachelle said...

That is so awesome Michelle! Congratulations. I am so happy that they are improving and growing every day. Can't wait to meet them. Take care, get some rest and remember that you are always in our prayers.