Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Sweet Babies - Photos

I finally got to hold Camdyn after one month of waiting. It was absolutely heavenly to feel her precious little body against me.

Here I am holding my sweet, precious baby girl. She is holding my finger with her tiny hand.

Here's my sweet baby boy, Cade. I think he is sleeping here. He is usually tyring to kick and squirm all over the place.

Cade earned his 2 lb. sign a few days ago. I was so proud of his growth.

Cade waving for the camera

This is a picture of Cade laying on his tummy. His hair is already so long. He's going to need a hair cut when he comes home!

This is a picture of Jim's hand around Camdyn's head. His hand looks giant next to her. The spot on her back is actually glue from her incision from the PDA surgery. It will come off on its own, and we are told that the scar will be so tiny that you will have to search for it. It looks a lot worse than it actually is. When you look through the glue, you can only see a faint line where the incision was. It's pretty amazing.

Camdyn holding Mommy and Daddy's fingers

Camdyn wearing our wedding rings on her arm. Notice how big the rings are on her arm.

Here she is wearing our rings on her foot. We are going to get pictures with Cade wearing Jim's ring, but right now he has too many lines in to get the pictures. We're hoping he gets some lines out soon.


Lachelle said...

Those pictures are so sweet Michelle. Congratulations on getting to hold Camdyn. That is so awesome. Praying for you guys.

Heather Muesse said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle; thanks so much for sharing with us! We continue to pray everyday for yall and those two little miracles; we love you all!