Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tears of Joy!

Today, I finally got to cry tears of joy for the first time in a month. Today is the twins 1 month birthday, and it was a great day! Both had good, stable days. Cade is still on the high side on his oxygen, but they were able to lower his ventilator settings.

And here's the best news . . . Camdyn was doing so well today that I finally got to hold her for the first time. It took four nurses and the doctor to move her from the isolette to my chest with all the tubes, but once she was positioned, it was the most amazing feeling. Even though I have seen how tiny she is for the last month, it was still unbelievable to see just how small she was against me. The overwhelming feeling of joy is really not something I can put into words. I can't wait to get to hold her again, and I wait anxiously to get to hold Cade in my arms too.

Cade was so cute when I was holding Camdyn. He was high satting (meaning needing less oxygen) and trying to be a "good boy" to prove that he was ready to be held too. I think he was a little jealous. He is going to have to be a little more stable for me to be able to hold him. It will be so great when Jimmy and I are both able to hold each of them without so many tubes and lines.

They have come so far in the last month, but I know they have a very long road still in front of them. We pray everyday for them to have the strength to fight the battles in front of them and we praise God that they have overcome the challenges behind them. At the end of our table prayer, we add "and we pray for Camdyn and Cade to get strong and healthy". Brenna has memorized this, so she says "and we pway for Camdyn and Cade to get stwong and helfy". It is really sweet and adorable.

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