Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Progress & Worry

Cade and Camdyn are now both on the conventional ventilators. Cade is requiring a little more assistance (rate of 30 breaths/minute assisted). His O2 is now around 50%. Thankfully, he no longer jumps around from withdrawals. He looks a lot more relaxed, and when he does move around, it's just because he wants to stretch or kick. Cade's head ultrasound showed no more signs of a head bleed, so we are very thankful for that. He will be checked again in 2 weeks just to confirm.

Camdyn just got on the conventional ventilator today. She has been doing well with it so far. She is at a rate of 25, and is at 45% oxygen. She is starting to fill out a little. Camdyn's head ultrasound showed some signs of white matter, so she will be checked again in 2 weeks. The doctor told us it is still in the normal range, but it is something they will need to watch. So, again, if one isn't worrying us, the other is. The waiting game is really difficult. When you think you have reached a point where you can breathe, you realize you have to hold your breath all over again. And 2 weeks in the NICU feels like an eternity.

We hope that both of them will get to move to CPAP soon. And, of course, we are praying for good head scans when they are repeated in 2 weeks. I hope you all will continue to pray with us for the health of our babies. May God continue to make Cade and Camdyn stronger and healthier every day. Amen.

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