Monday, April 19, 2010

2 Weeks Old


The babies are 2 weeks old now. And, they finally both had good days. What a relief! I think this is the first day in 2 weeks that I haven't cried. That's progress for me and the babies.

Both Camdyn and Cade stayed around 40-50% oxygen today and have remained at that so far tonight. I just called the NICU to check on them. Camdyn's lung appears to be getting better on the last X-ray. She hasn't been weighed lately. Her last weight was 1 lb. 5 oz. Cade was just weighed tonight, and he has gained even more weight! He now weighs a whopping 1 lb. 12 oz. I am so excited about that. He is creeping up to the 2 lb. mark. They might almost start to fit in their tiny hats and tiny diapers soon. Their diapers are smaller than baby doll diapers, and the nurses have to fold the front in half. I am going to take a picture of their diapers compared to a regular newborn diaper so you all can see just how small they are. It really is unbelievable. Both babies are now receiving 2 mL, up from 1, every 3 hours, and they have been digesting that well.

So, I'm going to bed soon and think I might actually be able to sleep well tonight (at least for the few hours between pumping). But, I'll enjoy sleeping without worrying excessively for the first night in 2 weeks.

I almost forgot - both babies now have their eyes open! I first saw Camdyn's eyes open on the bad night when we rushed up to the NICU because Cade was at 100% oxygen. That was on April 17. I saw Cade's eyes open the next day on April 18. It is so amazing to see their tiny eyes open. It's the sweetest thing. They open them for a little bit and try to look around. I think they are trying to figure out where they are and wonder why they aren't still in mommy's tummy. I love that they open their eyes when they hear me talking to them. I believe they know it's mommy, and I just love it. They were opening their eyes quite a bit today.

God, I thank you for the good day that Camdyn and Cade had today and ask for more good days and nights and even better days and nights to come. I thank you for their weight gain and success on feeding. I can truly see the miracle they are when they open their sweet eyes and look at me. Thank you for watching over my babies and helping them make progress. Amen.


natalie said...

michelle & jimmy,
my sister (tenille) sent this to me to pray for you all. we just talked about you and the twins at easter! please know that although we met only a few times, i will have you and your family at the top of my prayer list. camdyn and cade (the cutest names) are being cheered on by many... may each day meet you with more progress and amazement!

Jessica said...

Michelle, your blog entries are so touching and heartfelt. They bring tears to my eyes. I don't know how you do it--you have such strength and courage! I will continue to pray for little Cade and Camdyn, and of course you, Jimmy and big sister Brenna. May you sleep soundly in the thought that you are not in control--God has ultimate control and will take care of those precious babies! Love you!