Sunday, April 11, 2010

Delivery Day


I was moved to the ante-partum wing on Sunday. I spent one day and night there instead of the months that I was supposed to spend there. Sunday night I began feeling signs of an infection. They did a urine test and determined I had a urinary tract infection, probably caused from having the catheter. Monday morning, April 5, around 6:00 AM, I started noticing blood in my urine. The nurses thought it was due to the urinary tract infection. They did start monitoring my contractions. I was having regular contractions but they were pretty light. It felt like small cramps or tightening. The nurses still thought it was due to the urinary tract infection irritating the uterus. They called the doctor in to check me.

At 8:15 AM, the doctor came in and gave me an exam. Jim had just arrived at the hospital before he was going to go to work. Mom and Brenna had spent the night with me the night before. Mom and Brenna left the room while the doctor was giving the exam. The doctor looked at me and Jim and said, "You have no cervix left. You are completely dilated and effaced. These babies are coming today."

Jim and I began to just cry. It wasn't time. This couldn't be. I was so scared. I have never been more scared in my life. Jim assured me that we were all going to be alright but I could see the immense fear in his eyes too. We cried together. Then, I was rushed down the hallway in the bed that I was in. They were all running, and Jim was running next to the bed holding my hand. The nurses and doctor were yelling ahead of us to open doors and prepare the OR. It was beyond scary. You see that kind of thing in movies but never imagine it could be you in that bed. It felt surreal. This couldn't be happening to us. It was a nightmare, and I was going to wake up. Sadly, it was reality.

They got me into the OR and asked Jim to wait outside. He says he felt like he was waiting forever. They moved me from the bed to the operating table. They had me sit up to get the spinal. I remember it was freezing cold in there. I was so frightened and freezing on top of that. There was a lot of commotion with doctors, nurses, neo-natologists, anesthesiologists, and countless others preparing for the c-section. When they had me prepped, Jim was able to come in. It all happened so very fast that I was scared I was going to feel it when they cut into me. I did not. I just wanted to know what was going on.

Jim let me know when they pulled Camdyn out. She was always "Baby B" and was expected to be delivered second, but she was delivered first. Cade was born one minute later. I couldn't hear either of them cry and still haven't heard them cry because of the feeding tubes. Jim said he heard both of them make a small whimper. They were both attended to by a team of nurses and then taken to the NICU. We were able to see both of them before they took them away. Camdyn Grace was born at 9:01 weighing 1 pound 2 ounces measuring 11 1/2 inches and Cade James was born at 9:02 weighing 1 pound 8 ounces measuring 12 1/2 inches. Everyone kept calling them Baby A and Baby B. Jim didn't like this so he announced their names in the delivery room. He wanted them to be called by their names and not Baby A and Baby B.

I was taken to the recovery room. Jim stayed with me even though they told him he could go to the NICU. I am so glad he did because I really needed him. He stayed calm throughout the entire ordeal even though I know he was scared beyond belief. After I was taken to the post-partum wing, he went to visit them. I wasn't able to go until the afternoon.

So, that's oue really scary birth story. I hope no one ever has to experience that. It was, like I said, the scariest thing I have ever been through. It's not how you plan to give birth. But, now our little miracle babies are here with us. We just keep praying and asking others to pray for them to grow and develop and get stronger every day. We love them both so much!

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