Friday, April 23, 2010

a stable day

Both Cade and Camdyn had stable days today. Not too much has changed today. They haven't really made progress today, but at least, there were no setbacks either. I like when their nurses are bored for the day. Cade did gain weight though. He now weighs 1 lb 15 oz. He's almost at 2 lbs! I'm hoping he has gained that extra ounce today or gains it tonight. They measure them in the early morning. Camdyn lost 1 oz., but the nurses say that is no big deal. Her nurse told me today, "Well, she doesn't know she's little, so let's not tell her." I thought that was so cute because she really does think she is big. She has been doing great with her 1 lb. 4 oz. self. And, both babies have been increased to 6 mL of milk and are tolerating it well. They really just need time to grow.

Bridget asked me to post the following on here:

"Some of you have asked for an online donation option, so here it is . . .
We are now accepting gifts for Cade and Camdyn via paypal

To make an online gift, simply visit the e-mail above and select send money via e-mail.
Their e-mail address is
Thanks so much for your support."

I have to thank Bridget again for all she is doing for me. She has really stepped in to do all sorts of things for me that I just wasn't ready to do. She's been keeping my studio running along with the wonderful help of the teachers and front desk staff (thank you all too!) And, she has organized the fundraiser and this online donation for Cade and Camdyn along with all of my amazing friends who have donated generous prizes for the raffle (thank you all again too!)

Sis - I really do appreciate all you are doing for me. You are the greatest, and I love you!

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Bridget Brandt said... made me cry...although that is pretty easy to do these days! Love you and the babies too!