Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twins Update

Cade is having a bit rougher time than Camdyn. He is between 50-60% oxygen which is still better than the 70-100% that he had been at. Hopefully, he will be able to wean more soon. He does now have an infection which they are treating with antibiotics. I feel so bad for him. He already has to fight just to breathe and grow, and now his little body has to fight an infection too. He is on 2 antibiotics now, and when they are able to determine the exact infection, they may change the antibiotic. So, hopefully, he will be over this soon. My sweet babies have already had to go through more treatments, surgeries, therapies, IVs, blood transfusions, etc. in their 2 short weeks than I probably have had in my life.

Camdyn has been doing just great these past few days. She has been between 24-30% oxygen. I am so amazed at how well she is doing at just 1 lb 3 oz. (The other weight they had on her of 1.5 lbs was an inaccurate measurement, but she is still 1 oz. more than her birth weight.)

Jimmy and I are beginning to adapt to our new "normal". We go to the hospital every evening when Jimmy gets off work. I try to go during the day too. It's, of course, still really hard every evening when we have to leave them. I know that they are in great hands though. I usually call throughout the night to check on them when I have to get up to pump. I look forward to watching them progress and grow stronger each day. I can't wait to hold them. I know that is going to be the most wonderful experience.

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