Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Days in the NICU


I am going to write about the twins' first days in the NICU. I can't remember each day because it all sort of ran together. It was overwhelming to hear about all the tests, ventilator settings, oxygen numbers, scans, etc. I just remember thinking I should be taking all this in, but I just couldn't especially on all the pain killers from my own surgery. I'm glad Jimmy was there to take in all that I missed. We are just now beginning to understand all the numbers and scans. It really is so much, and we have two babies in there. Sometimes I get confused if the information is for Camdyn or Cade.

Cade's start was a rough one. The neo-natologist came into our hospital room to let us know that he was going to need a nitrous oxide treatment to help his breathing. He was at 100% oxygen which meant the machine was doing everything for him. The doctor told us that the treatment was not FDA approved, but he had seen it work well for many preemies. It wasn't much of a choice; he needed it. So, they began the treatments and he started to do much better. He is now usually at 30-40% oxygen. Both babies' have PDA valves that are open. All babies at 24 weeks have their PDA valves open. They close later on. They are open in the womb to help the babies oxygenate. Our babies were just born before the valves had a chance to close in utero. The doctors are trying to close those with medicine. That is the first course of treatment, and we are praying that works. If it does not, then they will have to have surgery to close the valves. Again, the doctors don't seem concerned about that. Cade does have a grade one head bleed. When I found out about this, I just looked at him through his isolette and just cried. I really had a breakdown. I just so badly want everything to be alright. The doctor does not seem to think this is a big concern right now. We are hoping that the bleed just stops. He will get another scan later this week. All of his other signs are looking good though. They keep lowering his ventilator settings which is good news. That means that he is getting stronger and is able to do more on his own.

Camdyn, although much smaller than Cade, has been doing great. She has remained on low ventilator settings the last few days. She had started feedings with a tiny amount of breast milk, but she has now stopped that because she is again on medicine to hopefully close the PDA valve. They don't have to have the breast milk yet. They are getting their nutrition through IV fluids. The doctors want to get their respiratory needs leveled out first before they really start the feedings.

I feel like the babies are expected to do so much. Really, they aren't supposed to do any of these things on their own. But, they are fighters, and I know they understand what they need to do. They have been doing so well. The doctors keep telling us that each day is going to have its highs and lows. I'm trying to remember that and just take things as they come. We ask everyone to keep praying for our tiny sweet babies.

Tomorrow is their one week birthday! They will be one week old (or 25 weeks in gestation). I pray for a great week filled with small accomplishments, continued growth, and strength for my precious babies, Cade and Camdyn. I love you both so much! - Love, Mommy


Heike said...

Michelle, wishing your sweet babies much strength and fighting power. Thanks for keeping us updated. You've been in our thoughts since we've heard of their early arrival.

Bridget Brandt said...

Happy Birthday my Loves!!!

William Lindsey said...

My Step daughter & daughter go to your dance studio jordan Nelson and Emily Lindsey. You don't know me my name is William Lindsey and you mayknow my wife Kimberly Lindsey. My first wife and I had premi twins boy girls 23 and a half weeks jestation and I know all your feelings that you and your husband are going through. But believe me God does here your cries stay strong and faithful we are praying for you and your whole family and if you need anything,let us know

strawtherbear said...

You hang in there. Modern medicine can perform miracles. Larry, Miranda and I will be praying for your precious babies and you and your family.

Lauren said...

Happy one week birthday, Camdyn and Cade. You are little fighters and are in my prayers. Keep growing stronger day by day. God bless you both.

Terina said...

Thanks for posting this information so that we can follow the progress - I know that you have so much going on, but thanks for taking the time to do this. I will continue to keep the twins, and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong (all of you!).

Lindsay said...

WOW! All of our babies are fighters- It must run in the family. :) NICU (miracle womb) is not all glorious for mom and dads but it is for our babies. I wish we were a little closer but since we are not, everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. Camdyn and Cade will get stronger each and everyday. PLEASE let us know if you need anything or need to talk.