Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You know you are a NICU parent when:

This isn't an update about the babies; I'm just posting this for fun. We've already been at the NICU so long we feel like veterans, and we still have a long way to go.

You know you are a NICU parent when:

- your skin is completely dried out from scrubbing in daily
- you can hear the beeps of the monitors in your head when you leave
- you know the names of all the nurses, doctors, and front desk staff (and how many kids they have!)
- you call the NICU countless times a day and night
- the front desk no longer asks to see your hospital bracelet to be admitted; they just know you
- you have spent time hanging out in the Ronald McDonald room
- you know all about things you never knew before - i.e. IVH, PDA ligations, Fentanyl, fortifiers, PICC lines, IV lines, arterial lines, O2 levels, etc., etc., etc.
- you get scared every time your phone rings
- you get a collection (not just one) of the children's books they hand out each month - We'll have a library by the time our kids get home.
- you've been visited by every doctor on staff, both NICU coordinators, and the financial assistance advisor
- the nurses have become attached to your babies because they have been there so long


Roxanne said...

Camdyn & Cade cross my mind often. I continue to pray for their continued growth and strength. And I pray for you, Jimmy and Brenna. Thank you for the updates they help us feel a little closer. Love to all. Roxanne

Donna said...

Soooooooo right there with you. Thurston has been there 7 weeks now and it just seems like forever already and he still has a ways to go. But he is over most of the major hurdles now except his lungs really. Thinking about your little ones and hope to meet with you soon'

Ladybug's Mom said...

-You know you are a NICU parent when you measure things in grams not ounces and can the conversion easily.

My daughter was a preemie. If you ever want to talk or need support please don't hesitate to let me know.

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