Thursday, April 22, 2010

rough day/good night

We started out with another rough day. My sweet baby boy, Cade, was having more problems this morning. He had developed an air pocket in his lung. They went in with a catheter to drain the air pocket. The doctor adjusted the settings on his ventilator to hopefully reduce the strain on his lungs to prevent any more air pockets from developing. Due to the ventilator changes, he was at 100% oxygen again for a while. Most of the morning and early afternoon he was in the 70s on his oxygen.

Despite the rough morning, we do have good news. Cade is now doing much better. His x-rays have not shown any more air pockets. He has been at 40% oxygen since this afternoon and is still there now. The blood culture taken this morning shows that the antibiotics are working to treat his infection too. Camdyn has remained stable all day; she has been around 25-40% oxygen. They have taken her off Fentanyl which is a sedation drug. It is used to keep them calm so they don't exert too much energy and cause their oxygen needs, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. to go up. She has been doing very well maintaining her vital signs without the Fentanyl. Cade is still on it because of the procedure he had done today.

Both babies are not requiring humidity in their isolettes anymore. They are both tolerating their feedings well, and their feedings have been increased. She now gets 5 mL, and he gets 4 mL. They are going to raise his more soon, but with all he had going on today, they left his at 4 mL. Both have gained weight! Camdyn now weighs 1 lb 5 oz, and Cade weighs 1 lb 13 oz. So, she is up 3 oz, and he is up 4 oz from their birth weights. Cade is almost at 2 lbs! Who would have thought parents would be excited about their babies reaching 2 lbs?

Thank you all who are following this blog and supporting us all with your prayers. So many of you have shared stories of people you know who have been through a similar situation and have come out with great results. I have faith that our babies too will be a success story. The power of prayer is really amazing. I am amazed at how many people I don't even know are following our story and praying for us even though they don't know us. May God bless our babies and all of you too who are keeping us in your prayers. Amen.


RedWhiting's said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I find myself checking this blog every time I sit down to see if there is an update I haven't read. I have friends and family as far as Pennsylvania and Montana that continue to pray for and ask for updates on Camdyn and Cade. Michelle, I know you and Jim are doing your best, but I must say, Brenna and those babies are so lucky to have you two as their parents.

sandersallison said...

We're praying hard for those little warriors Michelle! Stay strong because God never gives you anything he knows you can't handle.

Terina said...

It is good to hear that both babies have gained weight. Michelle and Jim, hang in there...I will continue to think of and pray for all of you often. Hope to see you and all 3 of your kiddos in the near future!

Kelee Payton said...

I too check this blog all the time to make sure I haven't missed anything. You have captivated me with your stories of the babies. Babies amaze me and I know that soon those two will be crawling around your house and you will look back and think where did the time go. Maybe this is God's way of showing you how each and every moment of life truely is so precious. Sometimes it doesn't always make sense, but God works in mysterious ways.