Sunday, April 25, 2010

slowly growing

So, both Cade and Camdyn had good days today and yesterday. They haven't changed too much on their oxygen needs, but their ventilator settings have gone down a little. We are thankful that they haven't had any setbacks lately.

Cade still hasn't reached the 2 lb. mark yet. I thought he was going to last night, but he actually went down just a little to 1 lb 14.3 oz which the nurses said was no big deal. His feedings have been increased to 10 mL, so I am hopeful again that he will reach that 2 lb mark when they weigh him tonight. Camdyn gained some weight! My tiny sweet girl now weighs 1 lb. 7 oz. My goal for her is to reach her brother's birth weight of 1 lb. 8 oz., so she is almost there too. Her feedings have gone up to 8 mL. It is so exciting when they gain an ounce. Tomorrow they will start getting human milk fortifier along with the breast milk. This gives them extra calories and vitamins. They have been tolerating their feedings well, so they get to graduate to the next step. The doctor told us that some babies don't do so well tolerating the fortifier, but they really need it. If they don't tolerate it, they will go back to just breast milk and try again in a few days. I am hopeful they will take it well because it will really help their growth.

Cade is still on the antibiotics for the infection. He does have to get another lumbar puncture to test for other infections since he had an infection. That will happen tonight or tomorrow. I feel bad for him because I don't want him to get poked again. It's like getting a spinal. My poor sweet baby. He is going to be one tough cookie when all this is over. His pain tolerance should be very high (unlike his mother). They have lowered his Fentanyl (sedation drug), and he is doing well with that. So, he is making slow progress.

Camdyn is still doing great. She isn't on any antibiotics or sedation drugs. She is pretty much just laying there looking sweet and cute.

Both of my babies are now looking at us a lot when we talk to them. It is the sweetest thing. Their eyes follow where the sound is coming from, and it takes them a while to figure it out. It is so cute. And, I've been able to touch them more lately since they are both stable. I still long to hold them even though I understand that they are not ready to be held yet. Can any of you moms imagine not being able to hold your baby for 3 weeks and still not knowing how much longer it will be before you can hold them? It's definitely not easy and sometimes I have the thought "this is just not fair", but I do know that when I do get to hold them, it will be one of the most wonderful moments in my life. I also look forward to just hearing them cry. They are definitely proving to be my little miracle babies!

I am so thankful that they are doing well and continuing to grow. I pray for continued growth, and I pray they will be able to tolerate their feedings along with the fortifier. I pray for their lungs to develop well. And, I pray that there are no changes on their brain scans in a week. I pray that they will be off the ventilators soon. I ask God to continue to bless them and make them stronger. Amen.

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stampnmimi said...

Michelle, I remember so well the empty feeling of my arms as I looked at, but was not allowed to hold or touch, my babies. The day will come though when they place those tiny miracles in your arms and it will take your breath away.
Our church in TN continues to pray for your babies strength, growth and health. Mary Lou