Wednesday, April 28, 2010

crazy morning

This morning Cade decided he was going to try to be a big boy. He pulled his breathing tube out on his own. The doctor decided to go ahead and try him on CPAP. He tried that for about 1 hour, but his oxygen levels were again at 100%. They put him back on the ventilator, and he was able to get back down to 50% oxygen. So, despite him thinking he was a big boy, he really is just not ready to get off the ventilator yet. But, hopefully he'll be ready soon.

When all this was happening, Camdyn decided she needed to act up too. It's a twin thing, I guess. Her oxygen levels went up to 60%; they haven't been that high in a long time.

They both were doing much better by the afternoon when we visited, and they are doing even better now. Camdyn is in the 30s, and Cade is in the 40s on their oxygen. They have been doing great with their feedings. She now gets 10 mL, and he gets 11 mL. Both of them have done great with the fortifiers and iron, so the plan is to start the second fortifier pack tomorrow. The doctor explained to me that each oz. of breast milk gives approximately 20 calories. Each pack adds 2 calories, so with the 2 packs added to the breastmilk, each oz. gives approximately 24 calories.

Camdyn has reached the first weight gain goal that I have set for her! She has reached her brother's birth weight of 1.8 lbs! That's quite a bit since she was down to 1 lb. at one point. Cade is now at 1.14 lbs. His weight of 1.15 earlier was due to fluid retention, but now the fluids have been lowered. So, the 1.14 is actual weight. He is working on the first goal of 2 lbs that I have set for him. They both look so much bigger than they did at birth even though they are still very tiny.

Thank you God for allowing my babies to grow and progress. I ask that you strengthen their lungs. I am so thankful that they are feeding well and gaining weight. Continue to guide the medical team who have been taking such good care of them. Give Cade and Camdyn comfort as they fight to grow stronger everyday. Amen.

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aunt linda said...

Michelle, Jimmy, Brenna, Camdyn & Cade - you all are in our prayers at school as well at our church. know that there are many folks praying for ya'll, especially Camdyn & Cade. The pictures really gave us a 'visual' to know exactly what's going on. Thanks so much.