Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is a picture of Camdyn in her favorite position on her tummy. I put a newborn diaper next to her to show just how tiny and precious she is. See the photo below that compares a newborn diaper to the one she is wearing. The nurses have to fold their diapers in half to make them fit.

Here's a picture of their diapers. On the right, is a regular newborn sized diaper. That is about the size of your hand. On the left is their diapers. The middle one is the size between "micro-preemie" and "newborn". Cade is almost to the middle size.

Below is a picture of Cade's foot in my hand. His foot is bigger than Camdyn's, but I can never get a picture of her foot because her feet are always tucked under her since she likes being on her belly.

Cade's cute toes.


sandersallison said...

Theyre so precious Michelle! Im still praying for continued growth for them!

Kelee Payton said...

That is just amazing to me. They are so tiny yet perfect. God is good!